Complete hail protection for your car for the fi rst time also possible
in case of extreme weather.

TURTLE Original Car-Cover
The TURTLE Car-Cover System can be fl exibly adjusted
to your requirements.
– Modular system with variable arch diameter
– Optimal vehicle presentation and
barrier-free access (when the net is rolled up)
– When rolled down, the system offers an optimal hail
protection without damages caused by scattering
– Simple and quck handling when rolling up and down
the hail protection net
– Net types for all needs: rain fi lm, shade net, hail
protection net
– Storm-proof
– Anchoring in any type of subsoil
– Protection against solar radiation depends on
the type of net

The FLEX-PROTECTION System is a metal arch system
covered with a sun- or hail protection net.
– Modular system without front- or side anchoring
– Due to optimally designed arches, hail discharge of
vehicles is ensured with an absolutely low risk of
damages caused by scattering
– Protection against hail and sun
– Variable order with vehicles possible, both in
longitudinal and in crosswise direction
– Parking spaces can be simply enlarged or reduced
– Variable clearance height, ideally suited both for
cars and for minivans.
– Space for potential advertising and promotion

– No parking space loss due to anchorages
– Besides hail protection without damages due to
scattering, the system also serves as protection
against birds and insects, as well as requested
shadowing by means of appropriate net choice
– Possibility for large advertising spaces
– Excellent manoeuvring spaces due to large
distances between the pillars
– Installation of photovoltaics elements on
the roof possible
– Automatic opening and closing of entrances possible